Saturday, December 8, 2012


Drove out to Longview to visit with Andy Don Emmons and the LMFA.  The museum is located downtown in an old JC Penny department store.  The museum has a huge potential to become an important cultural destination in East Texas.  I left with the impression that the museum has lots of work to do before it can be taken as a serious museum.

Ed Blackburn, "Tares and Wheat", 1976 

Chase Yarbrough, Detente
DeForrest Judd, "Waterlily", 1964 

Robin Utterbeck, "Untitled #729", 1994
Jesse Amado, "One (MCMXCIII)", 1973 
I am 99.9% sure that the date is incorrect for the Jesse Amado's work.  I believe it is more likely from the 90's. 
Thanks to Andy Don Emmons for the tour of the museum, the vision, and what the future holds for this institution.  I am hopeful that this museum can become a destination for art lovers.

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