Sunday, March 18, 2012

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

We stopped by the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth to see "Glen Ligon AMERICA" mid-career retrospective.  This exhibition does not disappoint.  If you are easily offended by words just stay away.  My favorites were the door paintings from the 90's.  These were large mostly monochromic paintings with phrases such as "I remember the very day I became colored" and "I do not always feel colored" stenciled from top to bottom of the painting.  Photography is not allowed for special exhibitions, however please visit the Modern Art Museum's website for additional information.

Images from the collection -  
One of my very favorite paintings at the Modern by Richard Hamilton.

Richard Serra, Vortex, 2002, Cor-ten steel, 67 feet 10 inches x 21 feet 9 inches x 20 feet 10 inches

David Bates

Lawrence Weiner (wall), Jackie Winsor, Richard Serra

Richard Tuttle, Relative in Our Society, 1990

Ellsworth Kelly, Three Panels: Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, 1986,
Oil on canvas, 122 x 356 inches (installed together)

Clifford Still, Phillip Guston, Robert Motherwell

Michelangelo Pistoletto, The Etruscan (L'etrusco), 1976, Bronze, mirror, 120 x 84 x 47 inches

Steve Murphy at William Campbell

I visited Steve Murphy's exhibition at William Campbell Contemporary Art in Fort Worth on the last day.  I have been interested in Steve's work for a long time and this was the first solo exhibition I had a chance to see.  This exhibition needed much more space to be more effective.  Sometimes galleries and artists want to put as much as possible in an exhibition that it appears to be somewhat desperate.  This is my observation of the exhibition and not the work which I quite enjoyed.

 I would like to have this piece in my front yard.

Main Gallery

Monday, March 5, 2012

Part III

My much anticipated 3rd trip and visit to Michael Wynne's studio in Kirvin was again great fun, friendship and successful.  This time hopeful that I would have an opportunity to visit each painting in the Abscess series.  This series continues to challenge me and I need to dig deeper into this body of work.  This series should be seen at large.  Michael and his work is influenced by the pop and minimalist movements from the 50's, 60's and 70's.  As well, he is influenced by pop music from the 60's and 70's, in particular the Rolling Stones (Yellow??).  While looking at these paintings (currently 6 6x4 paintings) I can't help but think these are a direct result of, knowing the environment around Michael's studio, his home town disappearing from the landscape, the Rolling Stones and Robert Rauschenberg.  

 Michael Wynne

 Abscess, 6 x 4 feet

Abscess, 6 x 4 feet

 Abscess, 6 x 4 feet (detail)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nick Barbee

ofg - Jeff Zilm

Stopped by Oliver Francis Gallery to check out Jeff Zilm's work. 

The new ofg sinage (so TE).

The exhibition ends March 17th.