Saturday, March 23, 2013

Maximum Overdrive

Went to the opening reception for Maximum Overdrive at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD).   Had to see what Bret Slater had to offer.

Bret Slater, Nightshift, 2013, 16x61x2, acrylic on canvas

BLK JPG, This, 2013, 2.5x96, acrylic on canvas 

Bret Slater, Great Beast, 2013, 4.25x2.25x.5 acrylic (front)

Bret Slater, Great Beast, 2013, 4.25x2.25x.5 acrylic (back) 

 Kevin Ruben Jacobs, Jesus died for somebodies sins but not mine, 2013

Thomas Feulmer, Corner Piece, 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jesse England - INTERACTION

Stopped by 2650B Main Street in Deep Ellum to visit Jesse England's exhibition opening. The back gallery was raw with wonderful work lit by bare light bulbs.

Interaction #7 (Casting Block) and Interaction #6 (Giacometti Spire)

Interaction #6 (Giacometti Spire)

Interaction #8 (Waste not, want more...)

Interaction #5 (Dig)

This exhibition was a pleasant surprise.


Cristine Hoang | Courtney Brown | Alison Starr
(the artists perform each other's work at will)

2646 Main Street
Deep Ellum

Lana Paninchul - This Makes Me Sad

Oliver Francis Gallery to see Lana Paninchul's exhibition. 
Feeder Crickets, This Makes Me Sad (small -middle/large to the right)

Cat Box, 2012, wood, cat liter

Foie Gras, 2012, inkjet color photograph, 4x6

This Makes Me Sad, 2012, acrylic and pencil on laser print


Lorraine Tady - L.E.D. (The Title Of The ...)

Visited Lorraine Tady's latest work at Barry Whistler on Saturday.  Lorraine's latest work looks wonderful and continues to get stronger and stronger with each exhibition.  I still see the sculptures from her first exhibition (I saw) maybe 10 years ago in her paintings and much more apparent in her drawings.  

Lorraine Tady
L.E.D. (The Title Of The ...)
March 2 - April 13, 2013

2909-B Canton Street
Dallas, TX 75226