Saturday, August 24, 2013

The MAC membership display

Normally I don't do these membership type displays, however did have a little fun and found a nice little surprise.

An unbelievable find today.  It is hard to believe something of this quality is not being shown in a more serious exhibition.  This is by Eric de Llamas entitled "El Chapo with Candy (small study)" in pencil on paper. 
Chance Dunlap "Untitled", steel and paint

Jim Bowman "Eschatology of Radiology"

Misty Oliver-Foster "Disturbed  Delta  Rhythms"
David Dreyer "Gulf Stream Overlay (The Delta)
Eunice Bridges "Windswept", bronze

In my opinion if you are represented by local gallery you shouldn't include yourself in this exhibition.  RO2  - Really?  your artists need this?

The Nasher

A quick visit to the Nasher  today...

Caught the last day of the Katharina Grosse exhibition...

Katharina Grosse "Untitled", 2013, acrylic on dirt, walls, and canvas
Frank Stella "Diepholz II", 1982, mixed media on aluminum and fiberglass

David Smith "Two Circles on Yellow and Green"

DMA Summer

A nice summer at the DMA


 Linda Ridgway on the wall
Margaret Meehan

 Gregory Ruppe "ghostride to oblivion"
 Keri Oldham "Night of the Comet" 2013, 38x31 watercolor on paper
Scott Barber