Saturday, December 29, 2012

Best of 2012 - Group Exhibitions

Best Group Exhibitions
I saw over 200 exhibitions in 2012 (probably more than the art critic at the Dallas Morning News.  At least I visit more places than PDNB and Goss Michael)  with my primary focus on Texas based artists as it has been since 1990.  I saw every single exhibition at the DMA, Nasher, Barry Whistler and Plush. Almost every exhibition at Oliver Francis, Conduit, Dallas Contemporary, The MAC, Webb Gallery and Goss Michael.&n bsp; Sprinkled in were a couple of visits to Inman, Art Car Museum, Moody, CAM - Houston, The Menil, Old Jail Art Center, William Campbell, Ft. Worth Contemporary Arts, Kirk Hopper, Public Trust, 500X, UTD, El Centro, Brookhaven, Holly Johnson, Marty Walker, Red Arrow, MFA, Amon Carter, Irving Arts Center, Longview Museum of Fine Arts, and Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth.

The first 2 entries go to the Dallas Museum of Art for 2 great group exhibitions that also included Texas based artists such as Brad Tucker, Stephen Lapthisophon, Cynthia Linn, Francis Bagley, Allison V. Smith, Linda Ridgway, Brooke Stroud, Toni La Salle, Annette Lawrence, Susie Rosmarin.

1. Difference? at the Dallas Museum of Art

2. Variations on Theme: Contemporary Art 1950's to Present at the Dallas Museum of Art

3. where is the power curated by Teri Thorton at Ft. Worth Contemporary Arts

4. Sculpture in so many words at the Nasher Sculpture Center
5.  Sonic Architectonic at UTD

 6. Dick Higgins Gallery inside Oliver Francis Gallery

7. Snafu at Oliver Francis Gallery

8. under the table curated by Margret Meehan at Ft. Worth Contemporary Arts

9. It Is What It Is, or Is It?" at the CAM

Rachel Hecker, from CAM website

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