Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best of 2012 - Individual Exhibitions

Everyone seems to be doing these best of lists, so here is mine.  And I didn't see everything.

First up

Best Individual Exhibitions

 fr. MAMFW website
1. Glen Ligon "America" at MAMFW

2. Margaret Meehan "Hystrionics and the Forgotten Arm" at Conduit Gallery
3. David Aylesworth at Inman Gallery

 4. Chris Powell "this is not a step" at Brookhaven College

5. C. J. Davis  "A New Kissed Out Red Float Boat" at Plush Gallery

fr. MAMFW website
6. Katie Paterson at MAMFW

7. Erwin Wurm "Beauty Business" at Dallas Contemporary

8. Jessie Morgan Barnett (Ward and Tour) at Marty Walker

9. Antonio Murado "Mantos" at Holly Johnson

10. Rob Pruitt at Dallas Contemporary

11. Jeff Zilm at Oliver Francis Gallery

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