Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nathan Mabry at the Nasher Sculpture Center

Visited the Nasher Sculpture Center today to see the work of Los Angeles based artist Nathan Mabry's work.  Mabry's work is inspired by archaeology and ethnology to DADA and Surrealism. These works are based on an ancient terracotta Jalisco figure from the Nasher collection.


Sightings: Nathan Mabry

Nasher Sculpture Center
Dallas, Texas
April 13 - July 7, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

Collage: Now Then & Again

Made it to Barry Whistler Gallery on the last day of the Collage exhibition.  So much to see in this exhibition.  It was nice to see work by Doug MacWithey again, Mark Williams is always pushing the grid in new and exciting ways, Margaret Meehan, see post below, just can't get enough of her work and new to me Dana Harper's work so nice.

Left to Right:
Terrell James, FS 545, 2011, collage on paper, 20x26
Lawrence Lee, Star No. 6, 2012-13, graphite, ink and tea stains on paper, 22 1/4 x 30
John Wilcox, Feedbag Blood, 2001, paper, dye, glue and string, 22 x 3 1/2

Barry Whistler Gallery
2909-B Canton Street
Dallas, TX 75226

Saturday, May 25, 2013

shows @ the MAC

Beyond Abstraction: Recent Works by Six North Texas Artists:
David McCullough, David A. Dreyer, Vincent Falsetta, Michael Osbaldeston, Ricardo Paniagua and Michael Tichansky

Vincent!  This is a knockout!

Robin Ragin:  Homage to a Mentor in the New Works Space.  This was an interesting exhibition.  I don't know, I don't know what to think.  I want to know more about this situation - I need to google this!  

Really liked this one a lot! "Year of the Rabbit (A Self Portrait)", 2011, Glass, globe, wood base, broken mirror, toy rabbit, metal doll eyes.

David Aylsworth

David Aylsworth latest exhibition in Dallas is definitely worth making the time to visit. It appears that David is working with a limited palette as he continues to layer upon layer of paint. Just so satisfying.  I hear there is a catalog for the exhibition - didn’t see any in the gallery.   Go see this show.


Margaret Meehan

Margaret Meehan's "The Haymakers" (2012-13) were included in "Collage: Now Then & Again" which I caught on the last day of the exhibition at Barry Whistler Gallery.

"The Haymakers", 2012-13, vintage glass, latex apint and couache on cabinet card

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Deep Ellum Windows

Went to Deep Ellum Windows for 4 pop-up events including exhibitions and performances on Saturday night May 13th.

A great exhibition/installation by Stephen Lapthisophon at 2650-B Main Street. 
Zimmerplatz 2013
Zimmerplatz is a place to think. A room to exchange ideas. To listen, to see and to smell the destiny of rot. Order comes in many forms
Zimmerplatz 2013
Zimmerplatz is a place to think. A room to exchange ideas. To listen, to see and to smell the destiny of rot. Order comes in many forms
Zimmerplatz 2013, Zimmerplatz is a place to think.  A room to exchange ideas.  To listen to see and to smell the destiny of rot.  Order comes in many forms.

Sound installation "American Redoubt 11.04.2014" by Michael Mazurek.

In the shadows of downtown.
Apophenia Underground's rendition of Shakespeare's play "As You Like It" retitled ROSALIND.  performed by Caulene Hudson

 "To Dissolve Space Into Luminosity" performance by Randall Garrett