Sunday, May 30, 2010

Over the last few weeks I have...

visited several exhibitions.

That Thing That Makes Vines Prefer to Cling, new paintings by David Aylesworth
Holly Johnson Gallery
May 8 - June 12

This is the knock-out exhibition that should not be missed. Seeing this exhibition was like seeing a great play, a phenomenal movie, or a great novel. My favorite painting was "Words Poetic (remix)".

Exquisite Creatures 2: The Mermaid & Octopus
Norwood Flynn Gallery
May 8 - May 22
This exhibition hosted a packed house for the reception. This was a very uneven show in quality, however what do I know. Staying on the theme from the Holly Johnson exhibition above - this exhibition was like seeing a bad comedy.

Andrea Rosenberg, The Printed Image
April 22 - May 29
Although not my favorite of Andrea's work the exhibition doesn't disappoint and as usual Barry puts other galleries to shame when it comes to installing his exhibitions.

Billy Hassell, Distances
Leticia Gomez, This is Where You Live, This is Where I Live, This is Where We Live
Gabriel Dawe, Project Room Installation
May 8 - June 12
When I first became interested in the local arts in the early 90's Billy Hassell was one of the first artist's work that I was attracted to. Well, it is now 2010 and his work hasn't changed - well, maybe he hasn't grown.
Leticia Gomez - what a surprise. Loved her installation and her drawings are confounding. This is an exhibition that should not be missed.

Celia Munoz, Mutha's Day Special
Eddy Rawlinson, Outlaw Glory
May 15 - June 19

American Moderns on Paper: Masterworks from the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
Amon Carter Museum
February 27 – May 30

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here Not There: San Diego Art Now

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego @ La Jolla
Jun 06, 2010–Sep 19, 2010

This exhibition includes artists with ties to Texas!

Here Not There: San Diego Art Now will offer a stimulating and provocative view into the variety, strength, and vitality of work being produced by contemporary artists living in San Diego County. The exhibition will focus on emerging artists -- serving as the first museum exhibition for many -- as well as under-recognized mid-career artists, and will include artworks in a wide range of genres, from painting, drawing, and sculpture to installation, video, new media, conceptual and performance art, by the following artists and collectives: David Adey, Agitprop, Adam Belt, Susannah Bielak, Brian Black and Ryan Bulis, Kelsey Brookes, Sheldon Brown, Micha Cárdenas and Elle Mehrmand, Brian Dick, Ricardo Dominguez, Tom Driscoll, Kelly Eginton, James Enos, Steve Gibson, Brian Goeltzenleuchter, Matthew Hebert, John Brinton Hogan, Jeff Irwin, Glenna Jennings, Wendell Kling, John Oliver Lewis, Lev Manovich, Heather Gwen Martin, May-Ling Martinez, Jessica McCambly, Gretchen Mercedes, Patricia Montoya, Ingram Ober, Christopher Puzio, Andy Ralph, Marisol Rendon, Allison Renshaw, Jason Sherry and Matt Hoyt, Tristan Shone, The Border Corps (Armando de la Torre, Anthony Vasquez, Endy, Perry Vasquez, and Shondra Dawson), Stephen Tompkins, Michael Trigilio, Robert Twomey, Zlatan Vukosavljevic, Vicki Walsh, and Allison Wiese.

The exhibition is organized and curated by MCASD Associate Curator Lucía Sanromán.

Jessica McCambly "The Moment After a Wave Crashes"

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Man Boxes by Pinky Diablo

One of my favorite artists, Pinky Diablo, has an exhibition of his "Man Boxes" at Webb Gallery in Waxahachie from May 1 - July 18, 2010. I definitely need to take a trip to see his current exhibition.

Man Boxes

Directions to Webb Gallery

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fresh Faces 2X2 opening reception

Janet Chaffee @ MFA

We stopped by MFA on Saturday to see Janet Chaffee's exhibition.

"Underneath and In-Between" and "Magpies #4" in the front gallery.
3 small encaustic pieces.
I think I would have preferred an entire exhibition of Janet's small encaustic pieces that were squeezed into this exhibition. They were wonderful. My favorite was "Unraveled" (no reproduction).