Friday, October 4, 2013

Birmingham Museum of Art

After visiting beta pictoris gallery I was encouraged to stop by the BMA.  I was told that Mark Flood's painting was on view in the Modern/Contemporary galleries.

L: Kerry James Marshall "School of Beauty, School of Culture", 2012
R: Mark Flood "Mantilla", 2005
Roni Horn "Key and Cue, No. 533", 1996

L: Brad Kahlhamer "Cold and Windy Sunset", 2000
R: Bob Thompson "Ornette", 1960-61

Suzan Frecon "double red", 1997
This is the second work by Frecon I have come across in a museum.  The first at The Menil in Houston where they had a very large monochromatic reddish painting installed.  I was blown away.  And now, a wonderful luscious small work on paper.  It was nice to see the BMA feature works on paper.  I believe museums are really missing out on showing intimate wonderful personal works. 

L: Robert Arneson "Clay I Am, It is True", 1982-83.
I failed to get the information on the works to the right of Arneson's piece.

L: Raymond Pettibon "Untitled, Superman figure", n.d.
R: Carroll Dunham, untitled, 2005
Birmingham Museum of Art
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Birmingham, Alabama 35203
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