Saturday, October 5, 2013


New works by William Binnie at The Public Trust.

From The Public Trust invitation:

The Public Trust is pleased to host the first major solo exhibition in Dallas by William Binnie. Binnie's research interests as of late have turned towards the use of militarized drones (unmanned aerial vehicles). "My fascination with the drone is one of both awe and fear. It is not so much the drone itself that interests me, but that the drone is a potent and timely manifestation of the fear and anxiety of a secret war, concerns regarding transparency, governmental deception, and that we, as citizens and civilians, are all implicated in this situation. The drone serves as a symbol of this collision of physical removal and psychological proximity that embodies this new variety of warfare." These research interests stem from previous works exploring modern methods of post-colonial imperialism, conquest, and the complexity of power. "Dominance over another is seldom restricted to brute force but is just as much a psychological and visual exercise."

Untitled (Crux 1), 2013, oil, latex and enamel on canvas, 64x72

Untitled (Crux 2), 2013, oil, latex and enamel on canvas, 64x72

Untitled (Crux 3), 2013, oil, latex and enamel on canvas, 64x72
Screenshot, 2013, oil on canvas, 12x16
Screenshot, 2013, oil on canvas, 11x13.5
Screenshot (Afghan Funeral), 2013, oil on canvas, 10x12
Screenshot, 2013, oil on canvas, 11x13

Installation of studio works


About William Binnie 
Influenced as much by the gritty aesthetics of punk, hardcore and metal as by more formal modes of art-making, William Binnie's work is marked by a macabre sense of humor and tongue-in-cheek over-seriousness. His work is at once stark, sober, and oftentimes grim, yet rich, delicate and lush. The work is often shrouded in a sensual gloom, where morbidity, death, and decay are balanced by a vibrant and vital, if nihilistic, spirit. (PT invitation)

This is the last week to catch this exhibition.

The Public Trust

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