Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Life's Short Play Naked

I had an opportunity to work with my friend and exceptional artist, Michael Wynne, on his exhibition at Ware:Wolf:Haus in west Dallas.  This is the first exhibition I've had an opportunity to work on since leaving VAL in 2010 and it was exhausting hard very satisfying work.   
WARE:WOLF:HAUS is hosting Michael Wynne’s first US Retrospective, Life's Short - Play Naked.  The show will include several works from the last two decades of Wynne’s expansive oeuvre.
In Wynne’s Pissin’ Calvin Series he has produced a body of work in which the excesses of action painting are parodied by mixing the ridiculous color and scale of abstract expressionism with imagery culled from rear view window decals, comic strips, children’s television programs and rock-and-roll. The work clashes the history of abstraction with kitsch culture in a no non sense move.

Wynne has maintained an interest in responding to Minimalism by way of work that is freed of the burden of academic, philosophical concerns and of the superficial spirituality that is used to market work that could truly be made by all. In his Rubber Stamp Paintings Wynne uses language as a way to contaminate the pure surface of Minimalist painting.  

In the most recent works, Wynne takes a workman like approach to create modest paintings which are relatively small in scale using supplies from local hardware stores and hobby shops. Wynne’s banner pieces, neon works and tombstones will also be presented in this historic exhibition.

Michael Wynne

Ware:Wolf:Haus is a warehouse space located in Trinity Groves area just west of downtown Dallas.  It is a incubator for experimentation and collaborative effort to show rad things that may or may not be perceived as art.

Michael Wynne was raised on a farm in the country town of Kirvin, Texas (population 64) where he maintains a studio. Wynne has been a part of the Dallas art scene since the mid 1980’s and has had solo exhibitions at Foster Goldstrom Gallery in New York, University Club of Chicago, Plush Gallery in Dallas and CSAW in Houston. He is currently represented by Oliver Francis Gallery in Dallas.

Opening held on October 19 with a performance by Inferno Texino
Half-Time event: October 26 from 6 to 9pm
Closing event:      November 2 from 6 to 9pm

425 Bedford Street
Dallas, TX 75212


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