Monday, September 30, 2013

Willie Cole FIRE/FLY

While visiting family in Birmingham, Alabama I took time to visit the only art gallery in town I have ever known that shows modern and contemporary art.   It was refreshing to see galleries, shops, and restaurants opening downtown.  Birmingham, my hometown, has been spiraling down since the 70's and some may say since the 60's.   
beta pictoris gallery 2411 Second Avenue North
Willie Cole is known for employing domestic objects charged with his own cultural history.  He repeats the markings of everyday objects that hold the spiritual energy of those who handle them.

 Birmingham Rattle Snake, 2013, enamel on fire hose

Installation view including works on paper. 

Downtown Goddess, 2012/13, bronze, edition of 7 (in different colors)

Willie Cole's work is in numerous private and public collections around the world including our Dallas Museum of Art in Texas.

FIRE/FLY is on view through October 25th.

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