Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 14th

Visited as many galleries as I could on the 2nd weekend of openings here in Dallas.

First stop was Oliver Francis Gallery where my expectations were blown out of the water.  A fascinating exhibition of Anthony Keith Giannini titled Crossing the Line.  Kevin is starting another season off with a lead off homerun.

 2nd stop was 500X for the Members Exhibition.   Clayton Hurt (Lucky Dog) just continues to be a favorite.  

 To Barry Whistler Gallery to see Linnea Glatt's latest work in Current.

Next was Kirk Hopper to see the highly anticipated Jim McGee exhibition of Shop Construction and Drawings from the Hill.  I suppose my expectations were so high that this exhibition was just a thud.

Up Central to Talley Dunn to see two exhibitions.  Some New Paintings by Susie Rosmarin and a group exhibition titled Within & Beyond.   Since we visited most of the galleries outside the opening times we had a chance to meet and have a chat with Susie.  What a wonderful down to earth person, my goodness.

A quick call to Wanda Dye to check if it was okay to be late visitors.  Back down Central south of downtown to visit RE gallery just after 5pm.  My favorite group of works are by Sam Schonzeit and Gary Farrelly collaboration in Going Postal. 

Last stop, the opening of William Bennie's work at Public Trust and Waddy Armstrong's work at Liliana Bloch Gallery.  I was thrilled to see William Bennie's exhibition Terra Incognita.  I have been following his work on Instagram for a year or two and happy to see the work in person.

Waddy Armstrong Re-Invisioning the Sublime

All in all it was a great day for seeing art at some of the best galleries in Dallas.  All of these galleries show quality art and you should take time to visit. 

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Lady Lilith BloodCrave said...

Wow. You really got around. I love the work you chose to show. It is amazing what a little bit of art and creativity can do