Sunday, September 8, 2013


I stopped by Conduit Gallery the last couple of weekends to spend time with Stephen Lapthisophon's latest exhibition "Sphere".  

Copied from Conduit's website
Culling through layers of cultural memory, Dallas based artist Stephen Lapthisophon reticulates art movements, food culture, film, and 20th century music to create drawings made up from and about the “stuff of everyday life.” Lapthisophon’s works on paper are gestural and process driven created with a variety of unorthodox materials such as egg shells, coffee grounds, and pigmented bacon fat. The exhibition, named in part referencing Thelonious Monk’s middle-name, Sphere, includes works that rely on unanticipated compositional forms and materials in like manner to the composer who was known to eliminate notes in compositions in order to create dissonance or as John Baldessari’s Thelonious Monk story recounts, teach the viewer a “different kind of order.”

Absolutely my favorite group of works in the exhibition.  Both AG and Wall (CT) may be my favorite works by Stephen.
Don't have the title - will update later
AG, 2013, latex, pencil, chalk, spray paint & pigmented bacon fat, 48x34" 

Wall (CT), 2013, latex, pencil, chalk & pigmented bacon fat, 42x28.5"

K, 2012, collage, latex, pencil, spray paint, ink & pigmented chicken fat, 69x45" 
Don't have the title for the torn movie poster - will update later.

Don't have the title - will update later.
Burri 1945, 2013, spray paint, ink & coffee grounds, 45x59" 

Sphere opened yesterday, Saturday, September 7th and will be on view through October 5th.  Plenty of time for everyone to visit the gallery.

Conduit Gallery
1626 C Hi Line Dr.
Dallas, Texas 75207
in the Design District

A solo exhibition of Stephen Lapthisophon’s work will open October 27, 2013 at the Dallas Museum of Art as a part of Concentrations Series. The exhibition, Coffee, Seasonal Fruit, Root Vegetables and Selected Poems, will run through March 30, 2014.

If I can sneak a couple of photos at the DMA I will post some from that exhibition too.

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