Sunday, December 15, 2013

Creative Differences

We checked out the exhibitions at Public Trust and Lilliana Bloch Galleries then headed over to 500X to see "Creative Differences: 35 Years at 500X".   

Creative Differences: 35 Years at 500X celebrates the 35th anniversary of 500X, one of the oldest artist-run galleries in Texas and a noted Dallas art space. This exhibition features a variety of media, including painting, photography, installation, assemblage, video, drawing, and performance by a selection of thirty former members spanning from the founding group of artists in the mid 1970s to the most recent alumni.

Randall Garrett (member 1992-96). Eating, Drinking 2013 and Last Dance 2013

Celia Eberle (member 1986-91). Foreign Policy, 2013.
Anthony Wright (member 1991).  Into Drawing, 2012

Greg Metz (member 1982-83).  Cathedral, 2013.

Tom Orr (member 1975-79). Aug 6th 1962 - Aug 6th 1950, 2011

Vance Wingate (member 1989-91). Fleshy Gems(#10-#14), 2012

Simeen Farhat (member 2003-05).  Speeding Ticket, 2013

Matt Clark (member 2008-12).  Jaune Prince Banane, 2013 

Paul Booker (member 1999-2001). Pink and Gold Hexagons 1, 2013

Lesli Robertson (member 2006-09). Vestige, 2013 (note: 2 of the 3 panels)

The exhibition is on view from December 14 to January 5, 2014.  Not much time to catch this exhibition.

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