Tuesday, July 6, 2010


My and son and I made it to the opening reception to see the installation by C.J. Davis and Michael Mazurek titled "INSTALL FOR THE MASSES". I have always loved Richard Tuttle's work and if he made installation work this would be similar to something he would create. However, they are not Richard Tuttle and this installation is worth a visit. This installation will be up until August 1st.

From the Facebook invitation, A new collaborative installation in the MFA Project Room. One structure laid over another, one structure growing inside another, one structure encapsulated within; modest objects occupy their place with absolute specificity. Arrayed inside an 8’ x 12’ x 6’ 4” cell, the impeccable contradiction of labored form and inchoate mass manifests as a cogitation of process, materials and method. The objects, albeit indebted to the platitudinous of their constructed autonomy, choose inaccessibly over simple objecthood and yet, they luxuriate in their insular corroboration.

"corner support"

"blinders (rule breaker)"
mighty fine arts
419 N.Tyler between 8th and Davis St.
Gallery hours are 12:00 to 5:00 Saturday and Sunday or by appointment.
phone 214-942-5241.

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