Friday, April 30, 2010

Fresh Faces 2x2 @ Bath House Cultural Center

Fresh Faces 2x2
curated by Rita Barnard

painting by Bruce Schiefelbein

Opening Reception
Saturday, May 1st 7 - 9 pm

521 E Lawther Dr
Dallas, TX

exhibition May 1st through June 5th.

Rita Barnard , the curator, used online social network to find and celebrate the talent of local artists. Fresh Faces sets out to highlight the exceptional talent and innovation of 50+ discovered and yet-to-be-discovered artists from the DFW region in this diverse invitational exhibition. According to Ms. Barnard, the exhibition "is about finding and bringing new and familiar artists to our cultural community." The Curator also points out that "the artists who are participating in the show may be well-known or emerging artists. They may have gallery experience, or this may be a first-time adventure for them." An interesting aspect of the exhibition is the approach used by Ms. Barnard to identify potential artists for the show. The Curator's method is based, in great part, on the reliance of the social network Facebook as a new and effective networking tool that may be used to discover exceptionally talented artists online and to promote their outstanding creations to larger audiences.

The artists participating in the Fresh Faces exhibition are: Anita Horton, Anna Palmer, Benjamin Vincent, Brad Abrams, Bruce Schiefelbein, Charlotte Seifert, Cheryll McLennan, Chris Brown, Daniel Birdsong, Daniel Rivera, Darrah Goodin, Darrell Madis, Tom Sale, S. Elisabeth Schalij, Ellen Soffer, Fannie Britto, Greg Metz, Greg Stinson, Heather Gorham, Ippi Lincoln, Jack Brockette, Joseph Wickman, Laura Abrams, Matt Bagley, Rita Barnard, Shane Pennington, Jessica Sublet, J Lynn Kelly, Jose Cruz, Joyce Martin, Sandra A. Moreno, Judith Lee Perkins, Judy Seay, Julia McLain, Kate Wickham, Kathy Robinson-Hayes, Liz London, Marty Ray, Merry Fuhrer, Michael Benson, Monique Janette, Pamela K. Neeley, Ray-Mel Cornelius, Ron Criswell, Ross von Rosenberg, Roy Vance, Silvia Thornton, Skip Noah, Steve Benezue, Susan Giller, Terri Stone, Terry Hayes, Tim Bolt, Valerie Guignon, and Debbie Stinson.

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