Saturday, October 17, 2009

White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour

Saturday & Sunday
October 17 & 18, 2009
10 am - 5 pm

Stacey and I did our first White Rock Lake tour together on Saturday, October 17th. We decided to focus on a few artists and some that are familiar to us or that we have in our collection. If you have the opportunity to participate it is definitely worth the trip - just make sure you have a map.

First stop was at Marty Ray's studio where we saw lots of her very recognizable pottery. Our favorites were the darker or use of black in her work.

2nd stop at Rebecca and Ken Boatman's "place". Not being familiar with with their work it was difficult to determine whose work was whose. There were also guest artists here. The bottle trees seems to be popular.

3rd stop at Chris Lyons studio. Beautiful work.

Next the studio of Susan Giller. Susan's work in clay is unique and creative - loved her work - our favorite stop of the day.

Always a favorite - Glo Coalson's pigeons.

Absolutely one of the most beautiful backyards we have ever visited. This was our last stop of the day at Cynthia Daniel's place. Other than the beautiful backyard there was really not much to see art wise. We were definitely inspired to get back to work on our yard - I still need a nice large piece of sculpture for our yard - maybe something a little less whimsical as in this picture.

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