Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gallery trip to Dallas

Made to Dallas once again to catch-up on several exhibitions. Thought I would hit the high almighty galleries first. My first stop was at The Goss-Michael Foundation. This stop set the tone, they declined to allow any pictures. But that's okay.

Sarah Lucas' work is personal and intriguing. Her and Tracy Emin's art has always been a favorite of mine. My favorite was "Where Does It All End?" a small wax piece of a pair of lips with a cigarette butt. I wish I could have posted a photo of this piece.

Dragon Street if you have never been there.

I stopped at Gerald Peters next to see Terrell James's new work. The best painting I saw on this trip was "Second Shift" and it was a knockout. Also saw Bill Komodore's show "My Arcadia: Memory and Transience" however, the show was missing the work titled "My Arcada". Wonder what was up with that? Next stop was the unfriendly grounds at Holly Johnson. David Aylsworth "Is it the real turtle soup?" Probably the best exhibition in Dallas at the moment.

Pan American was next.

To Conduit, one of my favorite galleries. If you have been to Conduit then the sculptures should look familiar. Why are they in such disrepair? Does anyone know? Anyway back to Conduit, there was a group exhibition with a couple of new Johnny Robertson paintings that looked great. Also, 3 small knockout pieces by Vincent Fallsetta. Didn't care much for the Ken Holder exhibition. Oh, by the way, the sculptures are across the parking lot from Conduit. That's all this trip.

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