Monday, November 17, 2008

Childish: Bryce Lafferty / MFA Exhibition @ UNT

"... To See Time Fly" series

I made it to my first MFA student exhibition at UNT's Cora Stafford Gallery and it was a great experience. I did however get lost trying to find Oak Hall and the gallery. After finding the building at Ponder and Oak, I wondered into the clay studios, which is an area I want to visit again and one of the students had to show me where the gallery was located. And it was worth the effort. Bryce's Lafferty's work is somewhat similar to Richard Tuttle's work and for some reason (in my head I guess) Georgia O'Keefe's watercolors from her early days in Texas. Those that know me know that I like Tuttle's work very much. Anyway, the exhibition spotlighted a very promising young artist.

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