Saturday, August 24, 2013

The MAC membership display

Normally I don't do these membership type displays, however did have a little fun and found a nice little surprise.

An unbelievable find today.  It is hard to believe something of this quality is not being shown in a more serious exhibition.  This is by Eric de Llamas entitled "El Chapo with Candy (small study)" in pencil on paper. 
Chance Dunlap "Untitled", steel and paint

Jim Bowman "Eschatology of Radiology"

Misty Oliver-Foster "Disturbed  Delta  Rhythms"
David Dreyer "Gulf Stream Overlay (The Delta)
Eunice Bridges "Windswept", bronze

In my opinion if you are represented by local gallery you shouldn't include yourself in this exhibition.  RO2  - Really?  your artists need this?


brian jones said...

I believe you are looking at this exhibition incorrectly. The MAC is always about the blend of established, up & coming and the unknown. This space is like a community center for the arts. When I was a young fresh artist this was the show that i got to "ḧang" with my local heroes. It meant something to me. You see it as slumming but I see it as giving back and providing perspective to both involved.
There can be some painfully awful head scratchers here but I honesly have been offended more at some of the pretentious schlock at a Whitney Biennial.

RR said...

Hey Brian, thanks for commenting. Definitely mixed thoughts / feelings about this type of exhibition. One - I have never thought that artists should pay to be in an exhibition - The Texas Biennial is a terrible injustice to artists in Texas. The other, I suppose bad thought is that artists use the MAC membership show as a way to pad their resume. I'm not disgruntled, I hope you know, I see 150 shows minimum a year. So I feel entitled to have an opinion - maybe wrong and probably wrong many times. I agree, I had not thought that someone may want to be in a show with their hero. Heck I know many artists are my hero's too. And of course The MAC being a "community center for the arts" has never been realized. Mind you, I have sat in that café many many times having conversations with artists and notice that rarely if ever anyone comes through those doors - but that is another conversation.