Monday, May 27, 2013

Collage: Now Then & Again

Made it to Barry Whistler Gallery on the last day of the Collage exhibition.  So much to see in this exhibition.  It was nice to see work by Doug MacWithey again, Mark Williams is always pushing the grid in new and exciting ways, Margaret Meehan, see post below, just can't get enough of her work and new to me Dana Harper's work so nice.

Left to Right:
Terrell James, FS 545, 2011, collage on paper, 20x26
Lawrence Lee, Star No. 6, 2012-13, graphite, ink and tea stains on paper, 22 1/4 x 30
John Wilcox, Feedbag Blood, 2001, paper, dye, glue and string, 22 x 3 1/2

Barry Whistler Gallery
2909-B Canton Street
Dallas, TX 75226

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