Saturday, April 27, 2013

Houston in a nutshell

Houston in a nutshell.
I like Houston.
I actually like Houston a lot!
Here is a typical trip to Houston to see "art".
  • #1 stop at Bill Davenport's "Bill's Junk" in the Heights.  Always a priority when I go to Houston.  

  • #2 stop the CAM so I could photograph "The Andy Monument" by Rob Pruitt.  Also stepped in to see the Joan Jonas and the Gina Pane exhibition.  Oh my god - Gina Pane and her work had me cringing...
  • #3 stop - Wade Wilson Gallery.  A nice selection of Dental office waiting room art.
  • #4 stop - Marcelyn McNeil "Lemonworld" at Anya Tish Gallery.  Still undecided.
  • #5 stop - Paul Fleming at the most unfriendly gallery in Texas Barbara Davis Gallery followed closely by Holly Johnson Gallery in Dallas.  I should have skipped this one.  I will never step inside this place again.
Robert Ruello
  • #6 stop at one of my favorite galleries, Inman Gallery.  You can't go wrong here.  Robert Ruello was a pleasant surprise and the first time to see Jim Richard's work in person.  Not disappointed.

Jim Richard's work at Inman 

  • #7 stop  was David Shelton Gallery to see  "Style as Substance" exhibiton.  It was soso...This gallery gave us the cold shoulder - somewhat surprising and disappointing.
  • #8 stop Art Palace to see Alissa Blumenthal - a small retrospective.  This gallery always has interesting work to see.
  • #9 stop - Devin Borden Gallery, we didn't even bother ringing the bell.

  • #10 stop - Hiram Butler Gallery, my first visit and it was a treat.  Mark Fox and Tony Feher in the gallery with Joe Havel in the sculpture garden.

 Tony Feher at Hiram Butler

  • #11 stop - A long time favorite gallery of mine - Betty Moody, the friendlist gallery in Texas representing important artists.  Helen Altman (wall) and Lisa Ludwig (table) in the back gallery. 
  • #12 stop - d.m.allison gallery to a disappointing exhibition.  The gallery is trying too hard...on many fronts.
  • #13 stop - McClain Gallery...Eric Fischel - do people buy that stuff? Come on really?? There was a nice group show in the back gallery called "Flowers".

  • #14 the final stop of the day - The Menil to see the Forrest Bess exhibition.  The reason for the trip.  Look up Forrest Bess' work you will want to see this exhibition.  Knowing the small number of works Bess completed in his lifetime - this may be the last opportunity to see a large number of his work for a long long time. 
This trip proved to me that the best art coming out of Texas right now is from North Texas.  But I will try again in the fall.

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