Sunday, February 17, 2013

My My Misfire

Spent some time at Deep Ellum Windows for the one-day pop up exhibition curated by Stephen Lapthisophon on Saturday. 

Michael Mazurek -  "House Plant" 

Lana Paninchui - "Foie Gras"
Sharon Turner -  "Established"  

Hayley Fowler -  "I'd rather be sleeping" performance
Pierre Krause - "Ritual", detail
Pierre Krause, a student at University of Texas at Dallas, work was a pleasant surprise.  A small unlit room with an arrangement of found objects.  Raw, very much like the space.

 Pierre Krause -   "Ritual", detail
Stephen Lapthisophon - "untitled", Hannah Hudson - "Non Meaning" 

 Michael Wynne - "All My Scars Are on the Inside"
 Michael Wynne's first peformance piece  - "Sweeping Up"
I showed up at Deep Ellum Windows at noon and happy I did.  Michael Wynne had his first peformance piece and I was able to record most of it.  See the link for Sweeping Up above to read about the peformance piece.  See this link for the recording.


c. said...

Thanks for the documentation. I was there much later, and noticed 3 Bell jars with debris in them; did Michael fill those as part of his performance?

RR said...

Yes, the jars were filled from the performance.