Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rachel de Joode

I missed the opening and the opportunity to meet Rachel de Joode but was able to make it to Oliver Francis Gallery today. This exhibition by Rachel de Joode evolves around the notion of space in relation to the art-object.  The works deal with space-in-itself, the object-ness of space, sensual space, art-documentation as the art-piece, the real vs. the unreal, facades, gravity, and time.

The installation of these two pieces in the middle gallery was genius.  This is what I expect to encounter when visiting art galleries.  

"Dimensional Drawing Of A Real Arm Holding A Cigarette Ash Noodle”, An ash-swirl held up in the air by a papier-mâché arm. This sculpture is based on an automatic drawing, a scribble turned into 3-dimensions.
“Statue Being Unveiled: Myself Standing Upside Down in 2 Dimensions” (2012), 7-feet tall cutout photo, mounted, placed in a clay base
“Crushed Big Space-In-Itself ” & “Crushed Small Space-In-Itself”, 2 faux canvasses with an image from the Hubble telescope printed on it, the canvasses are wetted, deflated and covered in acrylic

Check out the the gallery before you make plans to visit.

Read the BerlinArtLink interview for this exhibition.

Rachel de Joode Real Things - Explorations in Three Dimensions 11 August - 8 September

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