Sunday, May 6, 2012

Checking out as much as possible

After weeks of being unable to drive, I took this opportunity to see as much as I possibly could in one afternoon.  I only took pictures where we are welcome to.
1. Conduit Gallery to see Johnny Robertson's work.  This was the last day of his exhibition. 
2. Goss Michael Foundation to see Adam McEwen and the Dallas Biennale exhibition. 
3. Oliver Francis Gallery - Closed - expected
4. 500X - closed even during their normal hours - this is not uncommon to find this space closed.
5. Barry Whistler quickly  - not interested in Serra's prints.  Needed a couple of John Wilcox catalogs - Thank you Allison Thank you Barry!!! Can't like everything!
6. Nasher Sculpture Center to see Eric Swenson and a nice surprise of Jasper Johns "lead relief" series.
7. Dallas Museum of Art to see "Youth and Beauty Art of the American twenties".  Nice exhibition - lots of Georgia O'Keefee, Peter Blum, etc.  worth a visit.
8. Marty Walker Gallery to see Wayne White also on the last day of this exhibition.
9. Finally a drive to Waxahachie to visit "Song of Myself - Artwork of Georganne Deen" at Webb Gallery.

Eric Swenson's work at Nasher Sculpture Center.

 Eric Swenson "Ne Plus Ultra" at Nasher Sculpture Center.

 Jasper John's Lead Reliefs, "The Critic Smiles", "High School Days", "Bread"

Wayne White at Marty Walker 

 Wayne White at Marty Walker

Webb Gallery, Waxahachie, Texas

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