Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rubber Stamped Paintings by Michael Wynne

In 1999, I visited a group exhibition entitled "Superficial" at Richland College curated by Randall Garrett. I was well aware of Sean Slattery's and Derrick Saunders' work but there was a third unknown artist to me that made the biggest impact during this visit. It was Michael Wynne's rubber stamped paintings. Absolutely subtly offensive monochromatic works stuck with me for many many years. One small panel entitled "American Standard" was the one that has remained with me all these years.  I tried to find Michael Wynne in 1999 but was told he was reclusive. So I moved on. In 2011, once Randall re-opened Plush Gallery, I asked Randall about Wynne's rubber stamp paintings. Randall arranged to have a couple of the RSPs dropped off. Slowly, since March 2011, I have been able to add 4 of these absolutely offensive (sometimes funny) wonderful monochromatic and very satisfying works to my collection. Michael is a good friend today and I am still attracted to the RSPs as I was in 1999.

Works from the late 1990's -
Rubber Stamps 

"Cocaine Eyes" 

"Circumcised Cock"
 "Dog Water"


"Pissing Drunk (White)"
"Thigh Cream"
"Pissing Drunk (Black)"
"Wedding House" and "Pissing Calendar"


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