Monday, February 6, 2012

Bill Davenport @ The Old Jail Art Center

After a 3-hour trip from Dallas we finally made it to the Old Jail Art Center for Bill Davenport's Junk Store installation.  This is now my 5th version of Bill's Junk Shop installation I have seen and this was the most sparely filled space of any.  And that was not bad.  This installation featured more of Bill's work than the previous versions.  This of course was obvious to me since I have been following Bill's work since the early 90's.  This junk store version included a mini retrospective of Bill's work.  Pieces from most  phases of Bill's career were included.  I was thrilled...Yes I had to take some work with me, however it was kind of sad that the work will evolve over the 3 month exhibition period - That is because I can't see how the exhibition will evolve over time. 

 "Old Junk Art Center" Bill Davenport.  Bill hot glued styrofoam letter cutouts to the facade of the Old Art Jail Center.
 Bill ringing up sales

Installation photos of Bill's Junk Shop.

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