Saturday, November 5, 2011

Love Come Down

A friend and I saw the extraordinary installations of Stephen Lapthisophon, Michael Mazurek and Jesse Morgan Barnett entitled "Love Come Down" at 301 Toronto Street in a deserted West Dallas warehouse.  Take time to see these installations before the exhibition closes.  Check the link to contact the artists.

Stephen Lapthisophon
"On the Nature of the Deictic (Why I Write Such Good Books)", 2011
Light fixtures, power cords, latex, spray paint, potatoes, salt, radio, casket, flour, shirt, hanger, ladder, bricks and dirt.

"Structure for Looking at Directions of a Ripe Old Age", 2011
Bird bath, wood, garden bust, neon light, power cords, fluorescent tubes and fixtures, milkfish, glasses, white gypsum cement, paper towels, plastic, clamps, spray paint, palm tree carcass, parking block, water

Michael Mazurek
"Arrangement and Classification of Building Materials", 2011
Lumber, PVC tarps, weed barrier fabric, work lamp, DVD projection

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