Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crazywood Craziness

I changed my travel plans on Friday, October 14th in order to catch Brush Muscle's exhibition at Crazywood in Huntsville.  I stopped by the gallery at 9:30am (weekday gallery hours are 9am to 5pm) after receiving assurance that the gallery would be open and it was confirmed by the gallery owner.  Well, I wasn't surprised the gallery was closed when I showed up well after the gallery should have been open.  Very disappointing.  I was disappointed that I could not see Brush Muscle's work in person instead of reproductions.

My suggestion to my friends in Brush Muscle is to be more selective where you show your work.  And my suggestion to a gallery -  even if it is an amature gallery such as Crazywood - be open during your posted hours.

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