Sunday, March 27, 2011

Michael Wynne

I had the opportunity to meet an artist yesterday whose work I have long admired.  I first saw Michael Wynne's work at Richland College in 1999. His small monochromic paintings made a big impression on me and have stayed with me all these years.  The monochromic work is not typical of the work he creates.  His work has a more pop art influence leaning toward Robert Rauschenberg. Checkout his website.

"Dime Bag (1/5/99)"
Rubber Stamped House Paint on masonite
12x9 inches


Muddy said...

How many Wynne's do you have in your collection?

It's difficult to narrow down which period of his I like best, so I've tried to have something from all of them.

Michael Wynne said...

Muddy by name, muddy by nature.

RRogers said...

I only have the one that is reproduced on the blog.

Muddy said...

The one you have is quite nice. The Wynne I have from that series is mostly red.

His work somehow seems to get even better as the works get bigger.

The only problem is that they are so infrequently on the market.

I hope you're able to get another Wynne someday.

Thanks for the blog.

RRogers said...

Muddy, this is the only one, however I hope this is just the beginning. Thx, RR