Friday, January 14, 2011

Love and Hares

The Tom and Judy Show
opening reception Saturday, January 15th from 6 pm until 9pm

bows and arrows
1927 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX

"Dueling Hares", 2010. fabric, yarn and sewing needles, 18x24

The Tom and Judy Show is a new collaboration between artists Judy Vetter and Tom Sale - both household names in the Dallas art world. Judy Vetter is the proprietress of her eponymous production studio Judy Vetter Quilts. Almost 5 years ago, she hired Tom Sale to assist her one day a week. He quickly (or so he says) learned the ropes of cutting and sorting fabric squares, but when Judy's back was turned, he was more likely than not drawing raw chickens or digging out miniscule fabric scraps covered in coffee grounds from the trash bin. Thus, an unlikely marriage of craft and trash was born."

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