Sunday, October 3, 2010

Robert Moore installing 88 Snowman paintings

Don't miss the much anticipated paintings/installation/performance by Robert Moore at The Visual Art League of Lewisville on Saturday, October 9th from 7pm until 9pm

10 : 10 : 10

summer passing to winter & return of

altar of glib : cult of bee/cult of rabbitt

melting pot of old&new/lofi&hifi
american carnival sideshow&japanese noh play/
i ching tossing&spiral making
an almost 48 month hibernation has allowed a
slew of multi functioning sculptures&objects
to bee added to the mix...a
multi layered rolling totem garment/a
wavy grid transmission device made
of copper wire&plastic netting&old paintings/a
sound track from 8 different sources/a
live transmission feeding the future the past/an
interactive video projected thru layered grids...
the last 2 will bee accomplished by
niloo jalilvand&mary benedicto...

& it might bee possible to book
orchestra out of tune - valkyrie&RazoR

& there is mic reserved for RXS randall garrett

speaking of books, there is a red boxed set
of handmade gift books of performances past

& then interspersed through out the gallery & hopefully,
my work, are the members' 8 x 8" paintings

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