Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dallas Museum of Art

Visited the Dallas Museum of Art today.

This is an image from Pipilotti Rist's video "I Couldn’t Agree With You More" in the "Private Universes" exhibition. The "Private Universes" exhibition was expansive and worth a visit to the DMA. I didn't make too many friends with the Security Guards today by carring my camera around - oh well. There are some stand out pieces such as Mona Hatoum's "Nature morte aux grenades", Fred Sandback’s yarn installation Broadway Boogie Woogie (Sculptural Study, Twenty-two Part Vertical Construction) (1991–2006)and portraits by Marlene Dumas and Johannes Kahrs.

In the Americas galleries upstairs found this wonderful painting by Philip Evergood titled "Portrait of My Mother".

Also visited "Willie Doherty: Requisite Distance". I am not sure what the fuss is about maybe someone could explain.

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