Friday, May 22, 2009

HCG Gallery: Dick Wray and Martin Delabano

My first stop on Friday May 22nd was the highly anticipated exhibition of Dick Wray's work at the HCG Gallery in the Design District. Somewhat of an retrospective, but not really. Also, exhibiting was Martin Delabano. There were a couple of disappointing aspects of this exhibition. Wray's smaller works, some as strong as the larger ones, were hung in a group thus diminishing the strong effect of his work. The other, far too many works by Delabano in the closet space. The label effect was awful with no checklist to take notes or take home. Also disappointing, but no fault of the gallery was a review in "The Magazine" by CT, it's a shame that she did not do her homework before reviewing the show. I think she just glanced at the catalogs in the gallery to make her assessment. Anyway, Dick glad to see your work again!

Grouping of small works by Dick Wray

Martin Delabano's work in the closet space.

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