Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gallery Trip - Barry Whistler and And/Or

My 3rd stop was at Barry Whistler Gallery where I saw Johnnie Winona Ross' exhibition "Deep Creek Seeps". I have liked Johnnie's work since I first saw it at Barry's in 2002. His work is definitely one that you should see in person. Had the opportunity to talk with Johnnie for a little bit. He produces about 14 paintings a year and he said that each painting takes about 4 months to complete. His work is similar to Agnes Martin if you only see his work in reproductions but in person it is very different.

My last stop was at And/OR to see Lily Hanson's exhibition. I like her work so much that it is difficult for me to even communicate why. I would have felt a little awkard asking to photograph a couple of pieces. My favorites, maybe I can ask for reproductions, were "it could also be different", "naturally, it doesn't do to be fussy", and "the lady luck".

All in all it was a great trip and there were some great surprises today.

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