Thursday, August 14, 2008

David Mask - ATC

David handed out cool new artwork at the VAL Board meeting the other night. Thank you David!


David Mask said...

RR---Thanks for the mention on your blog. I'll be giving out more ATC's at the opening Saturday night to invite folks to the next ATC workshop on 9/20 at VAL. I liked the modification you made to VALTEX, contributions is better than what was there. How'd you like what I did? I was quick.
See you Saturday. I hope you like Christo's and Jean Claude's work.

RRogers said...

David, I didn't make any modifications to the VALTEX blog. However, I agree I like it very much. Christo and Jean Claude's work - I went to an exhibition in San Diego of their work a few years ago - for the most part I do like the work. Not necessarily the large pieces. By the way I will be in Galveston for Tracy Hicks and Helen Altman's opening at the Galveston Art Center. I know this is bad but they mean so much to me.